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Honey Child Music

 We are Happy to be partnering up with Sherri Ehrlich of Honey Child Music.      Sherri is going to take over the ensemble room on Sundays to offer her unique  classes for children. 

             Honey child Music Sunday Sessions 

          September 17 - November 19  (10 weeks)


              Tuition:  $200 (20% off for sibling) 

Go Go Babies AGE: 0 - 24 MONTHS - CLASS SIZE: 15

9:30-10:15 am

In these interactive classes, babies enjoy delightful rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, action songs, and dances that stimulate natural responses to music. Baby-sized instruments such as maracas, bells, hand drums and gathering drums are used, as well as colorful scarves for movement and the peek-a-boo songs! The babies love to hold their instruments and respond to the music.

  • Babies naturally shake or pat objects, and the instruments allow them an opportunity to make music while doing so
  • Caregivers are encouraged to participate in the interactive musical games and dances
  • Classes are based on the latest research into infant musical development and help to develop listening and motor skills
  • Language development and a sense of balance and timing are also enhanced
  • Classes are 45 minutes

Jazzy Toddlers AGE: 1 - 2 YEARS OLD - CLASS SIZE: 15

10:30-11:30 am

The toddler classes feature delightful songs, dances, and musical activities that focus on singing, moving, and playing. High-quality percussion instruments, puppets, and colorful props make this a very special music time. The toddlers love exploring different sounds or timbres as we play many types of sounds: wood, metal, skins and shakers. The age-appropriate songs and movement activities assist and enhance language development and memory and improve coordination and timing. Creative social interaction helps toddlers express their feelings productively and develops their imagination and ability to focus as they learn musical concepts, vocabulary, and musicianship by making music. Classes are 60 minutes and require the participation of the caregivers.

  • The impulse to move, speak, sing and play rhythmically is a natural and vital part of being human
  • After one year of music studies, children who start music at a later age have far less gain in their musical intelligence than children who had that year of music at a young age
  • Just as babies learn to speak and understand our language before they learn to read and write it, music is also learned best this way!
  • Our approach to music is a joyful and exciting experience for very young children using singing, movement and instrument playing to teach music
  • By participating in these lessons, the child will become a better musician and will be more successful in future musical pursuits

Rockin Big Kids AGE: 3 - 4 YEARS OLD - CLASS SIZE: 15

11:30am-12:30 pm

This Mommy & Me class gets the child started with the fun and high quality instruments and features exciting musical games, rhymes, and stories. It is recommended for young 4-year-olds who prefer the parent to stay for class or need a little extra help playing the instruments.

  • Develops a sense of timing and coordination as the child experiences solo and group playing on the instruments
  • Solo singing games improve listening, pitch matching, and tone quality
  • Builds on the child’s musical literacy foundation and continues to improve physical and literacy skills
  • These classes will lead into the extremely successful, Keyboard Kids Music Program!

Music Makers AGE: 4 - 5 YEARS OLD - CLASS SIZE: 15


Continues teaching the elements of music while children sing, play, create, explore, and move. Group playing using percussion instruments introduces numerous parts for students to play in ensemble, bringing a more developed sense of timing, listening skills, and concentration.

  • Builds on the child’s musical literacy foundation and continues to improve physical and literacy skills
  • These classes will lead into the extremely successful, Keyboard Kids Music Program!

Keyboard Kids AGE: 5 - 7 YEARS OLD - CLASS SIZE: 15


Introduction to Piano

 This class is for children who have had the Introduction Classes and have the recommendation of the teachers to continue with this more advanced class. Songs and games reinforce concepts taught in the Music Makers Class: beat, rhythm, melody, form, harmony, expressive qualities. Improvisation continues and beginning notation is now taught. Visual and written work is included in the lessons. Movement and beginning folk dance continue.

  • Lays a solid foundation for musical aptitude and music literacy
  • Develops coordination, concentration, and self-confidence through group singing and playing
  • These classes will lead into Private Piano lessons